Welcome to Tromsø!

Hi runners and welcome to Tromsø!

Northern Runners is a network of runners in the Tromsø region. We are currently 1350 members in a Facebook group. We run all the year, in the midnight sun and in the cold and dark winter. Rumour has it that polar bears are strolling in the streets of Tromsø, but none of them have kept us from running yet :)

Some of us participate in races throughout the year. Midnight Sun Marathon is the race that attracts most runners. On Polar Night Halfmarathon in just a few days, we are currently the biggest team with more than 100 runners on three distances (21,1 k, 10 k and 5 k). Here you can see the race course for the halfmarathon:

Polar Night Halfmarathon course map

Polar Night Halfmarathon course map

Two years ago we made a video from the race course (HD quality). It looks like the roads will be almost in the same condition. I run here all the year and do not have shoes with spikes, so I hope that will work for me on the 21 k.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6B7nUaSUb8]

Enjoy the video and don’t hesitate to contact us before or after the race. Most of us will wear the official Northern Runners outfit for Polar Night Halfmarathon sponsored by Thon Hotels Tromsø and caps sponsored by DNB:

Northern Runners - Refleksvester 2012

The Northern Runners outfit for Polar Night Halfmarathon

There’s a party on Saturday evening. Hope to see you there as well.

Good luck to all runners!

Best regards,

Thomas K. Føre

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