Run for Northern Runners!

Hi runners all over the world!

Northern Runners would like to share a video with you. The video shows Northern Runners training for the Midnight Sun Marathon, more specifally running 8 or 10 intervals of 2 minutes each with 1 minute active pause between each interval.


A network of runners

Northern Runners is a network of runners, most of them with their base in Tromsø, the Arctic Capital of Northern Norway. Tromsø is the host for spectular races such as the Midnight Sun Marathon, Polar Night Halfmarathon, Tromsø Mountain Ultra etc. Northern Runners wants you to experience the beauty of Tromsø and its surroundings!

Join us – no membership needed

Do you want to join us? No problem. No membership needed. Just add Northern Runners as your team and you’re one of us.

Please let us know what race you’re entering (if it’s outside Northern Norway). You’ll find more about us on this site and in our Facebook group. Thanks for watching.

Hope to see you soon :)

Best regards,
Thomas K. Føre

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